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Poem Story: 1 Black and blue, like starlightA boxer wins the fight of his life.Thru the ropes he goes homeTo hold his wife, of so long.
the poem series I wrote but never published - accumulated over about a year and a half.
"End of the River" I can’t see, Please! What’s to be? It’s known, what could, Living in the woods.
"You're Special" That's what he said But what you said was      that I have better things      to do with my life But life is meant to be spent       with happiness all around  
Not everyone gets this opportunity      to find someone like you I take it all in; One day at a time But you're always on my mind ¡Oh it's just a first love! But no matter what place it's in It's Love
You make me happy And what's more important         than that It's a fact - happiness makes         the world go 'round That's why I always want         you around me I dont care what they say, 
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