Sweet Lingering

As my heart beats to the rhythm of love and happiness;

It slips into a coma of depression,

Hidden from my laughter and smiles,

Teasing everyone who passes by.

Days pass of nothing but a drop of excitement,

But the drop evaporates before I could suck it into my dried out heart.



Love has faded away with nothing but a sweet smell of vibrant roses,

The smell of roses wraps it self around my heart;

Giving it a once but final beat,

This smell has teased the black hole inside me,

Leaving a faint smell that lingers from my heart every time it cries,

This sweet smell has given me something to not cry;

But to become happy.

It is the joy in which was missing,

The happiness that walked away,

The smiles that slid from my face.

And the reasons that died.



This lingering smell follows me,

Keeping me from falling into a depth of darkness,

Away from the endless pain of depression,

It has saved me from my falling death;

From my life which was almost taken,

I am alive with nothing but joy,

Joy that fills the scars and scratches of my heart.



The evil moments and memories of my life are broken,

This smell has helped me escape the inevitable;

To live once more in my dreams,

The dreams that were broken and are now found;

Letting me live free in a world with nothing but a peaceful mind,

Yet to an end,

I can not thank this sweet rosy smell.


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