always strong

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Dear past self,You are a fight through this suckish thing called life,, but there's a catch… lose yourself. Dear past self, Hold on to who you are because there will come a time when it will be yanked away from you like playing
When your looking out the window on your way home When you're thinking that something's wrong  Just let it go cause your strong (oooh)x2 When the grades come Rollin and you think you don't fit in 
“Superhero” Alexis TyAnn   From the time that we are little we are serenaded with stories of superheroes, Sweeping in to save the day with their powers and their fancy capes
I am persistent.I lift myself up with prayer and positivity.Though life may have it out for me--trying to force me to my end-- I simply can't let that befor I am strong.
It all depends on being you, Who you are, What  you do.   It all depends on what you say That makes you
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