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  Our last dying rose The thorns that hold the grace but Love knows no way to survive because
Sometimes I wonder If others think the way I do.   It’s different in my mind. Harder to imagine people and lives.   Everyone seems so far away.
She stumbles in the darkness, in search of the light. But the sky had been empty for a while, the stars could not hold on to it. It is only her, and the wind, and the cold wetness on her cheeks.
My day goes by, all a blurry haze.I'm slowly drowning in a cold, dark pool.  People pass by, reaching out thier hands.
In between I see it I don't know why But I need it I woke up in a cage But it's fine I was born in it In a lifeless room I was made from it Losing touch in the world Don't we all do?
LostWe lose ourselves with everyday routine. We hide behind the chaos that surrounds us. We find love with our paper hearts.   My desires turn to ghost,
The richest love from deep within trapped in the catacombs and left to die Lives longer, Shines brighter, Than these tedious old lies Meant for nothing more  than to keep you satisfied
Another cut, to distract the pain, Another pill, just to keep sain  Alive, but dead in a tormenting  Hell Kowing, you'll never fully get well Scaring away the few that stood by
I closed my eyes I walked on through To the hell that no one knew   They looked at me with angry eyes They pushed me down to the ground Slammed my face no one cared No sympathy they could share
This is my last breath for youthought for youlast time ill ever spill my heart for youI said I'd wait forever but forevers deadI need a new reason to get out of my bedI need you out of my head, for good
(poems go here) I'm so tired of life Everything I try Everything I fight for All ends up lying on the cold hard floor   I'm so tired of disappointment Of being disappointed
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