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Smoke. Smoke is everywhere, and the multicolored lasers fire off to the beat of the music. The crowd pulses and moves to the bass slamming through them, and there were no drugs needed at this party to feel blissfully happy.
The faint smell Of tobacco. That hated smell, Forever fused into Skin, sheets and Mind. Last night, Every flashing light Every piercing shriek Every bass note from the
Rave  Rage Set blaze to the day Let everything burn In anger Scorn Desolation For life is nothing But endless strife And lamentation.
There is nothing more that can be done The list is winding down The black and white of lights flashing The colors swimming around people’s bodies. Tonight is not just a pit of people dancing
It's that aching feeling That rush That spark in your pupils. As you look up, you see that man. He's commanding every soul in the room. How though? How can it be.
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