Someone To Join


United States
39° 6' 42.0552" N, 76° 59' 35.1852" W

Shingles she had accounted sitting for twenty-five
Holding onto nothing while her ornaments eat the dust
Frost-bitten frigid air whistling on the field
Storm-beaten rails singing water-songs
She just wants someone to join
Candles meandering crossing over through her shack'
Bottles whistling preparing for the leap-of-cracks
Gold shining as it does as the times of old
Is it the gold that matters or is it the one who wears the gold?
She just wants someone to join
Ho-ho-hoy coming from whence she does not know
Pulled-down thistles sharper than a stack of bristles hiding life that grows
Waiting for a menacing hand; Handing over three reasons to stand
Standing on a crumbled-ridden rug with nothing else under but
She just wants someone to join

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