Social Dilemma’s of a High School Girl

Before you leave my room shut the door,

We’ve talked about this before.


For the love of pearl chew with your mouth closed,

Oh girl, I know that Instagram was posed.


And for you adults that act like children, come on,

Reality check, your high school days are gone.


So while we’re on the topic dude,

No, it’s not funny when you act rude.


Next, girl you need to quit your complaining,

Really your drama is just entertaining.


Dishin’ out roasts is something you lack,

Fifth grade called, they want their burns back.


Also what’s the point of being so mean,

Stop embarrassing yourself, you’re causing a scene.


For the record, we all know that injury is fake,

Why don’t you quit crying for the rest of our sake?


And stop leaving me out of things on purpose,

In twenty years, you’ll just be room service.


Honey the rest of us roll our eyes at your sass,

If you hate it so much just drop out of class.


Is dress code really that hard to follow,

This is school, not some stripper’s hollow.


You’re as petty as a wannabe,

Until you’re done, don’t talk to me.


Please stop calling me a try hard, I didn’t ask to be smart,

Maybe you should be trying harder to warm your cold dead heart.


And guys get your head out of the gutter, stop being sick,

We all know you’re just compensating for a small… well the word rhymes with pick.


So while this poem may seem just a little bit conceded,

I’m just being honest; these things make me heated.


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