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It's dark in here. I'm dark in here. I'm not myself in here. I'm alone in here.   People all around me are moving. Im standing still. There is no one to love in here.
Why is she so different? What makes her so appealing? She doesn't have the prettiest face or the hottest body.  But she is rooted in my brain and spreading like an ivy.
Purple stained lipsSucculent dripsA seductive kiss placed between sweet, strengthWe rub our knees together And bump headsAll under the blanket of 
Is it me or am i gay for loving myself? Think about it i am a girl and i love myself which means i love a girl so am i to be judge as a lesbian? Am i to be look at as a dirty crumble paper!
We are all made out of ruin Every broken branch But She and I, we stand and we grow And these knots in our bodies are just          monuments  to how we've overcome the lightening and the burning
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