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she is the galaxy beneath my hands  bewildering and swallowing humbling and inspiring.  nebula take place in her eyes  her hands carve out the universe 
lesbians are not real, peeping tom. the ones that u want anyway. dreamland lesbians: straight girls in sheep’s clothing that succumb to men’s advances eventually. only existing when u
Being a lesbian is difficult in this world You have these rules you are supposed to follow when you fall for a beautiful woman These rules with boundaries, these rules who make you a different person
She is ample long, luxurious locks that unlock me plentiful, sloping curves that my tongue skiis down she provides rich milk nourishing my pounding heart soft, plump lips whispering
I found God in a lover She spoke to me today in breaking voices and calloused hands. Heaven sent freckles dance on my shoulders. We watched the forest burn on tear stained cheeks.
i found you on facebook a while ago. my friends and i were showing pictures of the people we dated to each other, telling war stories,
I like to love, maybe as much as i like falling in love.it's new and exciting and has a thrill to the ends of itUnlike anything else you can get.It's so easy,It's so hard,To love too many at once,
Across the realm the Princess roamed, Feeling, as ever, completely alone. The Shades all around had nothing to say. She desp’rately missed the light of the day. She discovered an end of the world, never known.
One with rainbow hair and one with golden eyes. A high school project turned sweet
She sighs. I sigh. I'm looking at her, into those pretty green eyes. Kiss me, she says. And I do. Take off my clothes, she says. And I do. She tries to speak again but hesitates
someone asked me the other day when i told them i was gay if i could really truly prove it and i knew, that i could do it   i know from the way i describe the way her hips swing from side
It's dark in here. I'm dark in here. I'm not myself in here. I'm alone in here.   People all around me are moving. Im standing still. There is no one to love in here.
Sometimes when we are standing alone in the kit
Why is she so different? What makes her so appealing? She doesn't have the prettiest face or the hottest body.  But she is rooted in my brain and spreading like an ivy.
Purple stained lipsSucculent dripsA seductive kiss placed between sweet, strengthWe rub our knees together And bump headsAll under the blanket of 
Is it me or am i gay for loving myself? Think about it i am a girl and i love myself which means i love a girl so am i to be judge as a lesbian? Am i to be look at as a dirty crumble paper!
We are all made out of ruin Every broken branch But She and I, we stand and we grow And these knots in our bodies are just          monuments  to how we've overcome the lightening and the burning
She loved you,  Couldn't you see? From left to right,  Her heart was set on you. I write in awe,  But thankful I am. You were what once filled her heart, But now I am what love means to her.
I tore through her forrest of thorns slowly becoming crazed, the faster I galloped, the more I panted.   I saw her horizon line, bathing like temptation against the heat of 
Just because they are gay, we shouldn't take our right to get married away.  Walking down the road, hand-in-hand with their loved ones does not affect anyone around them.
"You look nice today." Flashback "You look nice today." She said it so sweet The smile that crept across her face Everything about me melted away Wanting to run into her arms
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