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It's been a whilesince demons have last made a home in mine,since I've last drowned in a sea of wordsseeing so many race across my eyes,but being unable to grab the right ones.Every time it happens, I'm afraidI always sink.  It's been a while sinc
SplitShatteredOne of many facesOne maskWho knows the answersFrom offenseTo defensePoet at onceFighter the nextLover at daySinner by night
Unsurpassed, unwavering, unthinkable fear. There is no assurance of tomorrow. Any known stability, ripped from my grasp. The voices without end. There is no escape! They will be coming for me. Too late!
Inhale...exhale. And then there's nothing. That same nothing that lies within our awkward silences. That same nothing that keeps our defenses up. The same nothing that was there
I look around and everywhere I see, Happy couples looking back at me Why cant I be happy as they seem to be Instead I have to put on a fake smile for everyone to see, And believe that there is nothing wrong with me
Eyes speak no lies, unlike the lips in falsely upturned lines curved like spiders weaving truth out of a script from the mind; it lies Those eyes reveal sadness
The sharp night air to which the curtains softly sway Burns my skin with its cold caress. It moves through my hair gently, twisting it into knots, Tugging as if to taunt and humiliate me.
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