Mon, 06/25/2018 - 09:30 -- ShikaL

You said some things.

Don’t hide behind a screen

Say what you really mean

Face to face

To the person you seem

Too shy to answer

Get up the courage

Be yourself


No, you don't understand

I have to hide

Screens are my only comfort

The hold it has on me

I can’t explain, pushing

Holding me back


I published everything

Under a fake name

Thinking that you'll find it

Hoping you’d understand

My meaning’s hidden within worlds

Hidden under mountains of words

Coded so you’ll understand

If you really know me, like

You think you do...


Sure, you’re worried

About me?

My Smile : it's FAKE! I

Hide behind the lies

Being true to

Myself, hiding

Behind the keyboard

Changing my feelings into words

Hoping you’ll understand.


I heard your words

Everything’s sensored

Around me, you’ll never say

What you really mean.

I’m human, I get

Hurt, like everyone

You just don’t realise

Protection, I don’t need

Any, let me know

The truth: it’s me

Not some stranger.

Tell me!


I don't need sensors.

I'm not some invalid, fragile

Don't say any

Thing hurtful while I'm

Around: You're hurting

Me more than you realise.


You think I need protecting.

Big girl, that me

Don't go around saying

Invalid child

Mind your time

Language when she's around...

I know what you're doing...


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