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In a field of green with grass overgrown, Where the sun touched the earth and moon sang her tune, Sat a maiden of gold and a heart so sweet, 
Tiny little dandelion Time for it to grow A million dreams launch into the air With just a single blow   A gentle breeze starts to stir In the leaves of the family nearby
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
  Her dress flared as she twirled. Her cheeks bloomed into rose petals. Light seeped through the trees. Off she went to somewhere–  
Now it is March,And thus begins the feudWinter or Spring? Warm or cold?Will the earth be renewed?Sick and tired of bitter wind,Most are ready for Spring.Winter gathers her few supporters
Such simple weeds these dandelions
Despite wh
 I am a dandelion waiting to be destroyed by wishes and dreams
Average Nuisance, Unnoticed Weed. You grow--then you die,  they do not notice when those ugly petals disappear from their garden. Trapped beneath the shadows of their beautiful leaves,
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