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in the midst of it of disease and sickness i struggle struggle to pull myself out of bed start the
The President Lies The President lies A poor person cries In his hair he has white As his lies fill the night.
It isn’t that I didn’t see it coming or wasn’t warned It’s that I never imagine it happening so fast As though I hopped into a time machine and now I’m here  
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
I have come to speak today,in a rather crude way,about the prestigious lifeof a college Sophomore.
 My middlefinger.That's what I want to give themInstead they want my moneyYeah, the money THEY let me lend
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