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We enter your home. The Lord in Spirit , Inside my beating heart, And wish you peace. The troubled world surrounds us. But we have and advocate, He has overcome the world.      
Rain in the summer. Listen to the pattering, Fresh and reviving.
Look around you weary traveler I promise it is grand If you could but shed The sadness with you stand   To grief filled eyes The rain mirrors tears But brighten and be wise
When I am feeling down, I close my eyes. Breathe in, breathe out. My bare feet cling to the mat as I stretch, hoping to remain still as to avoid exercise, but I push on. Upward cat, downward dog.
It's easy to get wrapped up in the fog in your head, In the stress looming, threatening to overtake you like sharp-toothed shadows It's important... It's important to exhale To inhale
Soothing salve…   The glistening sea…surrounding me…. Pebbles smashing on the millpond rocks Relieve my anguish, soothe my torture The calm blue sky a parody of my mind…
I am a human,
Jack be ni
Today I say good morning to the sun! Usually it is the sun that wakes me up every single day. But today is special... At six a.m. it is I smiling down as the Sun Stirred from his deep, deep slumber.
Darkness isn't always bad. Darkness doesn't make you mad Darkness isn't always wrong It shouldn't be feared upon. It is a normal phenomenon in our world
Good. Close you eyes and imagine me walkin through the door. Slowly walking towards you. I lean to kiss you.
Pain is there, Day by day. Pain without shame, Yet i'm about to kill the pain. Fame that can't ease my pain, But yet you make me feel the shame. The shame it comes, It goes it's way.
Midnight skyStars shinning, full moonWind blowing swishfullyOwls hooing greatly
Flowing through my ears like calm water, The mood is chilled, But all of a sudden it gets hotter, It started to build, the rhymes started to kill, started to thrill,
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