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Desire is not transparent glass We wake not to the blue breeze But to the steel kiss Of lips coated with champagne poison Smoke looks like soft eternity and velvet voices to the young who blush at men
There's something I want to start with, that any objections to women being unable to have power because of womanly issues is a myth, I know there are plenty of strong women, and I know because of you my friend.
Im flawless... From my feet up to my noggin And anybody that's thinking different, we're surely to have a problem. Im great!! At least, that's what I say when I look into a mirror
on the spectrum of dreams only one is heard as usual   in everyday life only one is valued no surprise   "let us make a change" we repeat as nothing changes  
My thighs expand the length of continents But the breasts I was given cannot be confused with mountains My hazel eyes ooze the color of a muddy emerald sea But the pores on my face are often compared to broad craters
Who am? Who am I without all the makeup?
  Accept this  except that 
girls are taught to be somebody's  instead of somebodies
I want to leave a mark on the world Not just any colon or comma One that inspires the heart Something bold like an exclamation, Sharp! Within past history whether it be  Black or tan
This is supposed to be about how I'm flawless, right?
Rebellion. The sweet word  with a combination of freedom recklessness and disorder.   Love it, Break it, Tear it if you will-- I'll scream its meaning loud!  
Woke up, hooped out of the bed then looked at the time looked in the mirror, rubbed my eyes kinda shocked what i find is this thing true, or is this some image that is trapped in my mind
Flawless in more ways than one I am a girl with a flick of tongue, of witt, of fun   I am more than just a girl I am hilarious observant a hurrican of passion  
They never see me, the boys in my classes. I sit right beside one, smiling and laughing at his outrageous stories.  Our eyes lock as he exams the room
I'm a flawless lady made of different parts, it's hard to find the words to start. Everything about me screams flawless. Whether it's the way I walk with my head held high or the aroma I leave when I walk bye. 
Why am I here I ask myself every day To live, to love, to laugh maybe I don't fully understand my purpose Hopes of being something great Dreams of being something amazing I wonder how people see me
Nature is the light
I did not wake up like this I grew with love and happiness my family kept me grounded and strong my faith kept me where I belong I might have my faults, don't we all?
i am flawless because i wake up every morning and don't want to get out of bed but i do anyways.   and every day, i wear my battle armour;  whether it's red lipstick or my combat boots
Flawless. Flaws of the skin, Flaws from within Lost and damaged Working hard to repair a mental image. You did not wake up like this You're currently looking in the mirror at a far cry from what it is.
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