Please... Why Won't You Respond?!?!?

Please answer me back

I've checked my phone a million times

I want to die

Am I not important enough to text back?

Do I mean that little to you?

I'm not asking for answers!

I'm looking for someone who cares and will listen to me... I need you...

i texted you at 4:08pm

you were in basketball practice I know.

but that starts at 4:15pm and ends at 5:45pm

I'm clingy I know

but when you responded it was 6:20pm

God... Why do you mean so much to me?

When I mean so little to you?

I cry...

I remember the little memories

I remember the hugs

I remember the conversations we had

I remember everything about you

your amazing self... everything

You couldn't give two shits about me

I'm a lazy fatass that no one could ever care about.

I care to much about others.

Funny... 'Cuz I don't give a damn about myself.

You put me through this pain

The same as my Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles did.

Abanded me. Made fun of me

Call me fat. Hated me. Ignored me.

I went to a hospital. Everything changed.

Suddenly they cared. Suddenly they talked to me.

Fuck you! I needed you a long time ago.

I tried killing myself. You didn't Care.

So I tell you am I not worth texting back?

Am I that unimportant?

Am I so hated by you?

I guess I'm not Important enough to you...

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