It's dark again.

I used to pray

I used to say it was all pretend

Then no one was watching.


The lights went out

My body was sucked away

I couldn't go back

I shouldn't go back


At least the light keeps him at bay

I want help

But I'm so afraid to ask

Molested for sure once

But I couldn't go back


Was that my trigger?

Was that my start?

Do I really have such a fragile heart?


Don't touch my clothes.

Don't pull them off.

My heart can't take it.

Not with the lights off.


Eyes that bore.

Throat wet but tongue dry.

I don't know if I screamed.

I just remember eyes.


I'm frozen with terror.

I cannot move.


Please don't touch me again.

I can't see if you do

I felt something

But nothing at all


I'm so afraid.

Is this real at all?

Memories are fickle

But the nightmares are real

They happen in the day


But people don't care.

Fear of the dark.

No big deal.

But you've never had someone

Make you feel as I feel.

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