Papa - 9/18/14 11:05 PM


United States

You know something is not quite right

when you find yourself battling to stay awake

cause of that man you hear moving behind the wall

the one you called "Papa"

the one you thought cared for your feelings -- no

He never did

That man

He might go after you.

with slicing words as unpredictable as mental

who knows when menacing hands could get unpredictable too



that would make a sad story

"divorced father kills daughter while she sleeps"

they should save that one for Sunday news

one to let people read over coffee and toast and dry pity.

it can't make the paper however it can't

surely i'd be agile: capable

but how capable do you cebome

with a 290 pound man holding a knife over you unknowing?

Hopefully enough

the problems of home need to lie aside

tomorrow there's school

a world in which we pretend nothing of our home world interferes

the problem is that planets don't work that way

they are are always affecting the paths of one another and such

my school world has definitely been shaken

but I know that if i cease to exist here, I'm gone everywhere

This poem is about: 
My family


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