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A man has kidnapped two people and is demanding 50 million for their safe return.But people have discovered who the two hostages are and they are not concerned.
One call changed my life forever. On the night of February 3rd, 2017, my sister informed me that our father had been kidnapped in Mexico. My heart sunk, and suddenly my whole world was turned upside down.
In the Midst of Misunderstanding   They all assume That I am what I’m not. But what can I do, Other than to bear their misunderstood beliefs.   What would they say,
Does anyone care what goes on anymore? Children are fragile beings of the earth. They abused and locked behind closed doors, Kidnapped and killed just after day of birth.  
                                             took control                                            it took it's toll                     on you and everyone around                       with bloody fists you pound 
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