One Day

One day I’ll to support myself like my parents.
To defend my political views.
To defend the defendless.
To see for the blind.
To change the world.
To solve world hunger.
To understand how one who killed
can get a 10 year sentence.
To know my purpose in life.
To understand why young men die
because of the decision of the old.
To understand how we
have so much and others have so little.
To see the unseen.
To understand the unknown.
One day people will come to understand.
Everyone always says one day.
But when will this one day come?
That one day has come.
It is time to act.
And Change.
It's time to Vote.

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Very creative


ive always believed you gotta be the change your wanting to see! i love this poem!


Call it like it is Sister!

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