The One

He first treated you like you wore a crown.

He fucked with your mind until your smile was a permanent frown.

He convinced you as if you were the one at fault.

Like a daily dose of a wound filled with salt.

As the days passed you said you were happy.

This was the way relationships should be.

Isn't is normal to be emotionally abused?

Or even doing things you were forced to do?

He whispers "touch me here" and "touch me there"

As if you were a person that required no care

Your mind tells you he is all you need

Do what he says, give into his greed

"I love you" he says, "and I always will"

He continues as he takes another pill.

Days turn to months

Time starts to fade

Your friends try to tell you that you aren't okay

You brush it off like it doesn't matter

They don't know you are in this for a happily ever after

One day comes and he breaks your heart

Your mind and body begin to fall apart

The light turns to darkness

Your heart turns to stone

Your tears continue coming

And time is spent alone

No friends are there to help you

This mess is your own

You wish you had the strength to knock over his throne

You begin to realize that what he did wasn't right

Manipulating feelings and getting rid of the light

The person you were is a distant memory

One you betrayed in a time of misery

The ongoing battle still remains

But hope prevails with the decreasing pain




Wow. Strikes a chord. 

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