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                       Isn’t it enough                The beauty of a sunrise or sunset,                The humming of the bees in the summer,                The taste of a ripe peach or a sweet banana,
I've had friends Invisible, and solid Some, and then none One, and only one,  Some who loved to please me While others dared to deceive me Those who've looked into my eyes and lied
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A life with you is a life worth livingEven at your worstyou still made me feel betterEvery moment with youis a moment worth reliving,For better or worseYou are the only love of my life.   
Eyes close, Wandering hands, Fingers visualizing Soft pricks, Flabs of skin, Rouch pad, Desiring to- Glimpse the tail whirl, Hear babbling over commotion, He is the fireplace
What is it that I have erroneously misplaced?Do I have leave a trail to retrace?Has my vision blurred?Am I walking life in a drunken slur?Do I spend too much time staring at the stars,
This past year has had its share of drama Not to mention emotional trauma But the one thing I’ll remember At the end of December Was the love we received from our mama   At times things seemed so bleak
But I, being of somewhat sound mind (for the time being), Know that without such tortures I have faced (and face today) My personality would have grown dull,
Mother tells me she loves me But I think she loves my sister the most. It’s pretty obvious, from the way
Some times, the chimes I rhyme,That begin ddeep in my minds thought,Get caught up, and jammed in blood clots,Caused by all my suicidal hollow tip shots,That leave collapsed veins, and knots,
Tell me truly: Is she broken, Who can put her friends back together? Is she naive, Who can see light where there is darkness? Is she insane Who cares only for others, never herself?
Every day is a gift Wrapped in a present sent from the divine Decorated in ribbon exhibiting the power of his creation Strong enough to demolish all human strife
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