'I am... Scholarship Slam 2017

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I am a spongeSwollen with the juices of my surroundingsConstantly wrung out, then doused againCaught in a never-ending cycle of form and reform
I am 6 years old, The stars would glisten, The dark nights were cold, My mom's stories I would listen. I am 8 years old Tons of fun I had, But Dad knew I was cold, His jacket made me glad.
Everyone will tell you life is short. Prancing in the yard, Our children cavort. Though work is hard And life seems mundane, We work together For our love to remain. It will not wither.  
I am like glass Fragile and easily broken I am like dirt Walked on by the people who feel they are more important than me
I am a Human well at least that's what you see me as,  But in the inside I am a Bull that is brave  and could  conquer anything, But  I'm not any original Bull I'm a Bull that goes through a lot of pain 
We came to this new world scared, we came in the cold of night lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints on every soil and water way
 “Where I’m From”Poem Sagal Jama   I am from persian rugs from incense and bright scarves. I am from loud laughing,roast sessions,spicy food
There are powerful men, who are capable of powerful things They can be corrupted, liberated, forged, or born… Liberated, corrupted, forged, or born… Born, corrupted, forged, or liberated… It doesn’t make any sense,
 As the year began, I switched from the food industry to cleaning house I also became pregnant and got married to a wonderful spouse I have seen uncovered food blasted all over in the microwave
They put me in a house move me every two years and surrounded me with adults. Filled the house with girls then sheltered me from the world.   Now they expect different
The spectrum between bad and good is grand and intricate. From radical hatred and anger to complete love and mercy, the space between is massive and most commonly occupied.
You were in my life before I even knew,  A boy who sat quietly two seats away. With your glasses and your sweet little smirk,  You took my world by the reigns. A pure smile and delightful tone, 
Like children, they danced. And I danced with them. There was rain, but we danced within it. And nobody was there to stop us. Even if they were, they wouldn’t have. No—they couldn’t.
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