My reason Why

There seemed to be no way out.

I couldn’t scream and I wouldn’t shout.

I let it go in a dangerous way.

Too much has happened for me to say

A blade and pills was all it took.

I’m afraid to say aloud what really happened that night

But know that it gave me a terrible fright

It’s sad to say not many are saved

 However I commend those who are still brave

You smile and carry on day by day I can’t begin to explain

Even though I know the pain

Be strong and proud for how far we’ve come

I’m sure it’s worth it in the long run

I write to express what I cannot say.

I try to let it out a positive way

Therapy and time is all it takes

I guarantee it eases some of the aches 



 "I couldn't scream and wouldn't shout" beautifully said. 3 stars.

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