child sexual abuse

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I carry my purse wherever I go. I have private things inside that I never show. I have a phone and a wallet amongst other things. Sometimes I even carry around my favorite rings.
There’s a new you in town In my neighborhood On my street Too close for comfort   'Registered Sex Offender'  
Two brothers walk side by side in the woods   A thick forest, not uncommon in rural Tennessee. They'd been packing up their house-  to move in with a new stepdaddy  and three new step-siblings.
This isn't me I am out here I am not here This body I don't know Whose it is   He came in daylight He came as a friend He came as a game That I didn't know
This is normal says the teacher Talking about the emotions Of a person in a book And suddenly I am not in the class   I am five again His hands wandering to places they shouldn't
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