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When I was a kid I learned what it meant to have privilege. I learned what my skin color meant for my advancement. I never felt very smart I was just able to talk to adults.
Dear White People... tell me you understand band together in time of umbra ban together and stuff me in bras  
Imagine darkness Blackness with hints of color Unusual yet subtle... Imagine lonliness, yet devoured with fear Thats how I feel Lost in a sea of whiteness
With my words as my paint
As the mirror taunts me With kinked brown locks And weary hazel eyes That forever scrutinize, Pale skin glares back, Blinding in the morning rays. “Paper White” I used to call it,
Dream a little dream of me   Dream that one day we all can be   The same, with equal opportunity   Come on Don John, don’t be a jerk   After all, we just want to work  
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