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I woke up early this morning, Barely slpet last night. Put my make up on, ate my oatmeal, Checked my backpack twice.   A million excuses, even more insecurities,
Each kid proudly sang and the whole courtyard was filled with high pitched voices and laughter. Little bodies of deep tan skin, about twenty of them. Michael, the leader of the classroom.
We’ve been here before, why this place again.  We built it back up when we went there again. Yes, we went there again.
Boredom slowly creeps upon me, Like a fog on top a hill. My eyes start glazing over, My brain is standing still. I’m trying to take notice,
There I sit in the front row of class. My head rests in the strong hold of my hands, and my elbows dig into the table.
I'm drowning in this ocean from lack of preparationAs i call out with great passionMy God save me from these fractions,And these unfair presentations.
Pollution clouds my vision - Mental Traffic pauses It suffocates my thoughts - My mental bubbles just pop. Pop! Pop! POP! The urge - the sudden urge... To just STOP everything at once.
Back to school brings supply lists from ten teachers a mile long each, packets of homework an inch thick, a state test that interrupts math class, a project due tomorrow,
School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.
You almost thought summer was an everyday thing now. Now its time to work, and do your  homework. Are you making those  grades?  That's how your gonna get paid.
Here we go again. I didn't do my homework. Oh well. What time is it? Only five after. Last night was fun. What am I going to do tomorrow night? I'm tired. What time is it?
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