Messages Not Sent

My love

You are so strong
So beautiful 
So amazing 
I have written
So many messages to you
Yet not one has yet to be sent 
I know you do not love me
Not any more
And yet my heart still aches
At the thought of you 
Your name is sweet on my lips
But poison in my mouth
The pictures I keep on my phone
Are so hard to look at
Yet so attractive at the same time 
I choke on salty regret
That I was not enough
My head throbs 
With thoughts of us
Still trapped
Rattling in my skull
It hurts
It hurts so much
It feel like I am being burned
By a thousand suns
Like I have swallowed
A hundred yards of barbed wire
Like you tore out my heart
And ripped it to pieces 
Then burned it to ashes
And scattered it like dust
Yet for some sick reason
You may not love me
But I still love you


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