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A kiss on the forehead Is a gesture of betrayal It's not a kiss of love Filled with joy and humor.  
Why don't you stand up, And address the class, since you're so keen On starting offhand conversations?   Austerity catapults into
It's simply futile treading cold water Rising past my green ankles O how its barbarous teeth bite and sting!    My toes are engulfed by sea's spiteful jaws  Veins pierced by blind eyes;
Worship is a fetish. Worship rocks, worship animals, worship planets, worship stars, worship sky, worship ground, worship man, worship mind, worship everything you can wrap your brain around and then worship everything you can't.
All alone with my sorrowful thoughts Constantly running through my head Making each moment unbearable The silence only makes them worse Trying to think of other thoughts But they are no match for the sorrow
A crime each day Took care of by people What should we pay? Should we go more to the steeple?   Why do we do such things? How can we be mean? Hear the church bell ring
Last night, As I opened my window The soft breeze came Running in scared of the complete darkness.
  If I could drink my tears, I’d no longer be thirsty. If they would quench the fire, I’d no longer be burning. If they would wash away the worms, I’d no longer be hurting.  
I walk among a crowd, All moving in one direction. To the right, to the right, to the right, They chanted. Suddenly I saw a person stopped walking, So I stopped and thought for a second.
“This child is really special,” they said, And I feared. For what if they were wrong? But I smiled politely and got lost in my head.   I was given the test and immediately felt dread.
She sits all alone In a room full of hate She stares at their eyes And notices they’re fake ……………………………
Look at me with those malicious voids you call eyes, Not truly eyes because you show no soul through them. My bum firmly planted in the chair of torture, you watch me slowly die.
The ignorance of peopleAlong with the pain I'm dealing with insideAnd slowly driving me mad
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