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I cannot stand still. I could not stop if I peased to. I'm busy, busy, busy. A little happy bee. Musical. Soccer. Canoeing. Scouts. Chior. Texting, facebook, instagram, snaps. Gee, no time free?
Once I forgot the tune to a song  once I got my spelling words wrong once in PE I fell on my face 
Sleep deprived,zombie-like;as mindless as air,and as mechanical as the gearshiftsof a manual transmission.
I bet you don’t know that I actually like the way you teach With those little side stories you tell I’d like to meet your many cats And maybe even that husband of yours I also like those worksheets
Write. From a babe to a child, to a girl, to a...                                                                "Woman". My hand wrote more than any other kind But then, cocky girl pointed out in disgust,
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