Mental Health Day

If her body temp's over one hundred degrees,

she can stay home from class, get out of jail free.

Got her wisdom teeth out? She'll pop some pills,

she has an excuse, and no one doubts she's ill 

Maybe she's got chronic pain, they'll let her slide for a while,

but then they want her to suck it up, do her work, and smile.

But if emotion is crushing her, she can't get out of bed,

frightening thoughts, fears, and panic are racing through her head,

then she's a common truant, skipping school,

they think she's just a hooligan, a ruffian, a ghoul!

Then when they force her to school, they chastize her for her tears,

tell her to clean herself up, pull herself together, be like her peers.

A "mental health day" is a synonym for ditching lessons these days.

A joke, a mokery, what disrespect it displays.

Did you ever think that she should take care of her body and her mind too?

That her internal pain and anxiety are real issues?

In my opinion, is more vital for her to tend to her ailing soul,

than to stay home because of a common cold.





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