2015 Everything is Awesome Slam

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What to expect when things get out of hand?  You turn towards the thingn that has been there since you were brought to this land.  All living beings, the birds, the trees. Something more incredible than our life it seems.
It is the way the tide rumbles slowly, racing up the sand to blanket my feet. It is the way my toes submerge effortlessly, into the soft embrace of the miniscule grains.
Greatness in Diversity
The things we had wasnt enough these memories fade away easy for you , but the loving moments come to as they open me to say the word regret  
No one seems to understand How amazing it is To turn a word Into an idea And an idea Into a possibility
Everything is awesome you say? how dare you say something vague if everything is awesome nothing will inspire awe let me tell you something amazing the way my girlfriend draws
Your harsh words rain relentlessly. There’s no shelter when I’ve let down every wall.
  Paper crinkles as I reach into the bag.With precision I grip and lift.Gently I lay my prize on the table before me.  
There is light and then shadow, silhouettes of darkness, For life shares these disasters our minds cannot harness, I tell you this glass that is told half full, That it is full indeed with body and soul
Don't worry about Tomorrow, just worry about Today. Don't worry about Tomorrow, that's what they always say. Yesterday I had my troubles, and tomorrow is my victories,
We can find the awe in everything
One of a kind Unique to itself Filled with life Filled with joy   A home to diversity To all living things From the smallest of the small To the biggest of them all  
We live in a world where knowledge is hated. Where the very existence of our people is constantly reminded of hatred.
They lightly tapped my forehead and told me my mind is "brilliant"
Happiness inside this circle.
I'm awesome. At least that's what everyone else seems to say. What happens when all except my "awesome" self Can be suggestive to view me this way? Constant, consistent, continuous compliments 
Everything is awesome. That is quite true. Everything is awesome. Just like me and you. We are all awesome in our own way. We are all awesome, you can tell by everything we say.
When I was nine years old my father and my brother teased me for being unable to keep a secret. Oh yes I can, I said, I have something I’ve never told anyone.
There's this place that is my favorite, It is big and spacious and at times loud, A gathering place for most to tell about their lives. Laughter and tears are shared here, hugs and love are common.
Everything is awesome. You might ask “why?” Finding reasons is simple For one as awesome as I. I have a roof over my head And some shoes on my feet. I have coats for the winter
Everything is awesome, is what a child’s movie told me. It told me that life was awesome, people are awesome, and that awesome was what I should see. I didn’t feel like everything was awesome one day.
I thought and drew The plan for my life No struggle to see   Clear and planned  Determination, demmand A straight path ahead Nothing to fear Creeping over like fog
Sometimes I just need to be alone. Sometimes, being alone could be the death of me, putting it lightly. But most of the time, I just need to listen to music.   Be it that new song from “Soupy”
Not one that goes with the other Not your average definition No rhyme No hidden message   Just things, things I find awesome Just a tick tock Just hot air Just a trace with a finger
A shy girl A loving boy
Black is awesome Black is beautiful Black is the color before one's closed eyes about to dream, Black is the color of Mother Earth's soil which nature lives from, Black is onyx and obsidian,
Wrongs Blind me to the point of exhaustion Hurt done to me, faults of my own But then a hug, A kindness, a voice opens my eyes to the amazing Family related by bonds not
I couldn't be happier than I am with you. Your hand in mine, warm and soft. You pulled me in close, But not close enough, your heartbeat sounding as if It were a work of Beethoven as you spun me
It's the little things in life, those aha moments, that are awesome.   Approaching a red light as it turns green. A person holding the door for you. Butterflies in your stomach. The smell of fresh coffee.
You've been walking long Cheap, hard, a bad life  Shady friends, cigarettes and hard liquor  I know you want to rage  I know you want happiness, and it's on its way  
Poetry is my words. On Paper, I have a cascading waterfall, And I can run freely, Like being released to natural habitat   I can write about childhoods torn away, Not by the monsters under our beds,
Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam More often than not Dullness is bought People settle for and accept The subpar, the inept But, with the world my muse
  The bookstore looms at the end of the street Its cinderblock walls tower over those walking below
I count them,  five on the left side and six on the right like wilting butterflies, they spread their wings over my upper thighs curl against my skin and whisper that I'm growing, changing by the minute
I am f*cking awesome
The world today feels suffocating With darkness closing in tight. We stumble along blindly Searching for a light.   In the dark we are helpless And subcumb to our fear. Only a light can save us
The world is full of beauty No one can deny But when we look into a mirror Most want to die Why do we do that? Hate what nature bestowed? Everyone is perfect Self-love is highly owed
I'm in love with my hair and my eyes.  I'm in love with my smile and my sweet thoughts. 
The Fox It was a hot Spring day in May The ground was as hot as a scorching hot blaze Then they brought forth my baby She was a young foxy lady Bearing the resemblance of a fox
When possessed by darkness on this little earth, How bright it seems, the stars above, Like a fire atop a widow’s hearth, The lamps of heaven shine like the wings of dove.
Eyes are our passageways to see the world In one simple movement, eyes reveal a kingdom of color and life from a realm of darkness
The beauty in life is its artwork. I'm not talking about the paintings, sculptures, or photographs that fill the walls of museums, although they are magnificent too;
Life is great, life is fine, life is the peak toward my heavenly devine. life has its ups,  and also its downs, but with God day by day ill live the life of mine. yes i  weep
The flow of notes Bursting through the air Maintains a melody That I'd like to share. The vibrations upon every string Can stir the soul's very being. The beat of every drum Awakens one's heart
What a wonderful feeling is it to know  you can out run your demons Simply start over with out a worry in the world It may sound crazy but I swear its possible Walk to a new location where you have no history
It's 3 PM and my jammies are still on, I've scored a free Saturday I haven’t had one of these in so long! 
Life's a Rush
"Batter Up!" Is what they say, when you set up to stand before the field of play. I never thought I'd see the day, The day I ran it all the way.   I made it to first base, I had won my first race.
Someone said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one you’re going to get.” It’s a simple statement. Innocent enough. But what everyone should understand is chocolate is meant for more.  
My feet sink into the earth, Like an old man in his favorite chair. Microscopic life tickles between my toes Leaving a sense of clarity and peace. The air tousles and textures my hair,
A W E S O M E.. one, two, three---seven Seven letters, but so much meaning It's not a metaphor, not a kenning...
I went to a job interview They divided us up into two groups,  Asked us to write a list of traits Traits a bad restuarant would have Words poured out of us "Bad service" "Dirty place"
  The meaning of life is to just be alive it is so plain and simple, yet everybody rushes around in great panics as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves it is scary the way the world can swallow you
Everything is rumbling down The pace of it The visibility of it Rumbling down Down to the last second Everyone knows your plans Weight. Pressure. Now you have to stick to your guns
Roses are red Violets are blue You are my love So come close  For a secret to be told You and I  May we last forever Till thee end of time 
A yes or a no A smile, a frown A laugh, a cry A dance party, a crack den Life is what you make of it Make it a crap fest or a never ending festival of celebration Life is filled choices Choices
I am awesome  All 5 feet of me  I am awesome because I am me From my freckles(that I get from my mom) To my tiny feet(which come from my dad)  I am awesome  I will never be anything but awesome
Answering all the test questions correctly Winning a new car Eating your favorite food Starting a new book Opening presents
The idea of FOOD
Nothing is awesome Wait, let me clarify Annihilation can blossom    Naught, blank, nix, zero, zip Nothing can be awesome As a new perspective starts to flip   Archimedes rejects,
Nothing is awesome Wait, let me clarify Annihilation can blossom    Naught, blank, nix, zero, zip Nothing can be awesome As a new perspective starts to flip   Archimedes rejects,
Have you ever examined a butterfly wing? Listened to a chorus of 10-year olds sing? Looked into a puppy's big bright brown eyes? Jumped out of an airplane and into the skies?  
Remember that time I was at home, sick, miserable and hopeless as ever?Hearing your voice made me feel better again. Remember that time I failed a math test and couldnt stop crying? 
You sometimes tuck yourself into bed to hide from society. You sometimes ask yourself why everything seems so hard. You sometimes write, complain, and cry into your diary. 
The beams of light hit the spirited waters creating Glistening diamonds, Sparkling crystals, And little specks of happiness. The warmth radiates across my body As I run my hands through my Soft,
Depression sinks in, Lonliness creeps up. What in this world keeps us from the pain?
I'm strong, smart and sassy, 
Children are things of transitory thought, but in that elementary cafeteria I knew that leave you I ought not.   With eyes like a robin's egg encased in crystal and sunflower hair that no words may construe,
There may be moments that we may fail, but life is awesome. There may be moments that life may seem stale, but life is always awesome.   Life is awesome not because we may have money, houses, or cars.
A simple stroke of the brush Rotation from the pottery wheel
Breeze Brushing gently Across small shards of verdant life. Spinning, whirling, They whisper to each other.   Apollo’s arrows pierce through
We were all born with freedom. So, why do you want mine? You say you're going to take it? I'd like to see you try. Is it because it's awesome? That must be why.  
When feeling down or feeling sad Feeling just a little mad That I failed expectation Lost myself to temptation   What keeps me up? When I’m feeling down? What pulls me back?
    A Life Worth Living       To live is to be alive,
Life is always greener on the other side. I crossed the rode, i dropped my pride. God. I have never felt so alive.    A hot meal, something good to eat. Grandma laughs, it sounds so sweet.
“Gullible is written in the ceiling.” They said. “HAHA!” They said. “So clueless.” They said But I say “THANK YOU!”   They lead me to a surprise Only to be fooled into a joke,
It might seem crazy what I'm about to say
Jingle. Jangle. Is the sounds his pockets made, With each quick stride the music he shaped. Jingle. Jangle.
“Kids today are so self-absorbed” “They’re always on tweeter and Face…something. They can’t even formulate thoughts that people want to read, but they post every little thing.”
To fall and get up Is truly great To be stronger than ever Will fascinate Climbing and Flying Changing and Trying Are all amazing things Quiet and small Wondrous
Today is awesome. I am still alive, aren't I? No other reason.  
I remember cruising around with the homies one day
I look at myself and I see so much, but everything is awesome I look at a paper and I see debts, but everything is awesome I look at my list of goals and still have so much to do, but everything is awesome
 Faith is awesome.
So what if I dance at random? I have something worth dancing for. It's weird I have a nerdy fandom? Guess what? I've got four! I would try to be "normal", But for what it's worth,
Beautiful... is not a word that describes whats on the outside but whether a person is kind or speaks their mind Beautiful... is small or big curvy or twig outgoing or shy don't lie
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