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Look at the world that we live in- is society proud of our deeds? Children are carrying weapons, not contemplating hate bleeds.
Angela Lansbury has perished after living for nearly ninety-seven years.In 1948, she starred in "State Of The Union" and "The Three Musketeers".When she starred as a murderess in "Please Murder Me!", her co-star was Raymond Burr.
Ya Know I Quite Enjoyed ... " Drag Me To Hell " ... !!! That Flicks' Quite SICK ... !!! In How It Toys With Thoughts That Dwell ... Inside Us All About PITFALLS ... !!!
He died 25 years ago today, which is a quarter of a century.He produced 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery.He was born in 1932 and was a man who people would admire.
A new story different perspective deep appreciation laughter anger joy pain   A different world
I have a son who is so stupid that I want to give him a slap.He wanted hushpuppies and I said "We got no time for that crap!"I'm Buford T. Justice and I'm a bubblegum machine.
The screen stares back at me Skyscrapers, mountains, giants The eyes stare back at me Film with its paramount guidance    How they can change me  Then a scene unrolls  I think I know everything
the unlimited lesson   “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” -Audrey Hepburn-   Fade in: and the picture starts
When I ws alone, There was a silver screen.   With flashing faces, And wondrous places.   A smiling man and lady, And a criminal who acted very shady.   They fought their woes,
 A piece of literature of predetermined length meant for different purposes Those are: To inform, to entertain, to lie, and even to comment on society's various ills However, there's a new, insidious reason: 
You are not the love interest. You will never be seen under flourescent lights at a party, making others melt into the floor. Nor will you be spotted picking wildflowers in linen along a sleeping stream,
I am held captive, Captive by my own brain Jealousy wraps my wrists and ankles with razor sharp barb wire while insecurities pound me into the floor On days when I can take it no longer,
This was not plenty  Peace, love, but NY times says they still killed Lenny, Playing the same thing, As he stares, thinking about the farm George kills Lenny, Cleansing souls arent enough,
Tell her that you can't promise that you'll remember her favorite color- but that you'll remember the experiences you've had together   tell her that you will always remember  the butterflies you got whenevr she was around
When I want a new experience,   When I want to be captivated,   When I want to be taken somewhere,  
I smile in hope they will stop staring. I smile in hope that they will see the beauty I see when I look in the mirror. I smile in hope to make someone's day.
What am I underneath it all? I am afraid, of new, of alone, of failure.
why cant i be enough, turned asied like a stray i cry why arent i enough. he stands over me tall with hes head held high no hesitation just pride.
Never have I felt more safe Than in this room full of strangers. This is my real home,  Where I belong. When the lights go down And the projecter above me lights up the blank screen
Movies, what can a movie possibly do,whether it be good,or bad,or cheesy,or classy,or action-y,or scary,or even teary to the eyes?
Some of the most moving moments in life Are when we are are sitting on our couches Snug in our beds
Films are on my mind. They exist within a frame that isn't too hard to find, but always tangible in my eyes. The faces of my favorite actors stepping into roles and sneaking behind the silver screen.
It can be any of them. Just please give me one. They don't have to be playing Frozen; the job doesn't have to be fun.   I want to sweep the floors, take your tickets, show you your seat,
   If there ever was enough to give, I would give it to you. If there ever was enough ways to show I would show, I woud show you my truth. My love for you is so alive it would never die. you take my breath away, you make my heart skip a beat.
Motivation, it's what keeps us going, How do we keep motivated in a world that's never slowing? Our goals are too important to let go of that sight, Our focus will help us reach a future so bright
Orange in the New Black. Watch this movies. Learn a lot of things from all the people in 
After everything i went through so far in the new year, 2014, I've decided to leave to Ecuador for the next month. After going through attempted suicide, hospitalization, the pysch ward, therapy, trying to find myself back into life, and such; i
There is no time for us, watching the clock on the wall, waiting for something to happen, for excitement, encouragemet, and motivation, but nothing happens, just the sound of the clock ticking,
God is my strength when I am weak He is my hope when my world is shattered
We find ways to make it. We are stronger than we think. Most believe they will break So they give up at the brink.   It is when you are near the end. Do most quit,
As a child you’d like to believe you could trust the world to be Everything you’d want it to be Such innocence in seeing life in an easier point of view Nothing sugar-coated Just straight forward
All my life they told me...Diamond, you could be whatever you want to be. And all my life they've told me, dream with your eyes open, so that you can always see.
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
What is time? By definition its an indefinite continued progress of existance But is there even such a thing? We measure time with numbers, But there are no numbers in the sky, on our bodies
People on the screen don't exisit anymore All that's there are explosions and products to buy And this makes me burn. The screen has become a bible more or else, it's what society bases it's joys and pains on. 
four-wheeler rides, call of duty, late night talks, movie days, I'll always remember the conversations, the days we hung out, the things you said to me, how i felt around you,
You want to know why girls are such bitches? because we were never taught to love ourselves.  We are constantly being told that we are too fat, or we should be good at sports, we wear too much makeup, or we don't wear enough
Soda on my left, popcorn on my right, I will escape my world tonight, and jump into another by night.   Body frozen, mind buzzin', eyes dartin', ears hearin'.  
Like those girls in the movies Where's my prince? That'll search how and low For the matching fit Like those girls in the movies Where's my point guard? That'll play me one on one
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" that's what they all say. Yet, we look in a mirror everyday looking for ways to be more beautiful. In our society people judge you based on what they see trending on TV, the big screen,
At ev’ry distance across the globe Tis only as big as thy thumb Deep in my memory my thoughts do probe As a chill begs my fingers go numb
Hero is dashing Goons he is smashing The heroine is so happy For the herohas come to her rescue, Many portions of the script are unrealistic, There are twists and turns in the story,
The moments pass by in a blink of an eye. These inspire people to not just soar but to make them fly. Larger than life events are depicted so all can see. To show the life of one, or to show how we are free.
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