buried feelings

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Sit and think.   Thoughts flow like a needle through tapestry. A tapestry tinged with yellow thread Yellow, like my contentment.  
With your eyes so deep blue   and the sight of your lovely pale face.          Oh, you don't have a clue!   It feels like I'm with you in space.   You've taken my heart.  
Darkness. It hits each one of us at a different time. It is the moment we don’t feel even just a little bit alive. Surrounding us as a cover and closing in so fast.
I've jumped into a pool of feelings, and I'm drowning and can't swim back up.
I feel paralyzed when I try to cry nothing comes from my eyes
I don't eat, yet I gain weight.
I wish I could see the person
Ciaorue Tú eres una creatura hermosa. You are a beautiful creature.  La felicitad que me traes todos los días es como una paloma blanca.
You are the graffiti on the walls, the broken glass in the hall.   You are the smoke to my cigarette, the sempiternal pain.   The dew after dawn, and the thought before I sleep.  
One may have told you that you have one conscious. Today will be the day that I break the news to you - You have two.   You have the mind. You have the heart.   One has been taught its beliefs.
It doesn't matter if I try all these feelings must slowly die. I don't care to tell my friends, but this will come to an end. I won't let them into my mind, all the secrets they would find.
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