A young girl is broken
That poor girl shed tears
The little girl is leaving
No one even hears

Crying, she falls asleep at night
Waking up seems to be a curse
No one ever loves her
Maybe its time to go home

Looking at the blade
She thinks of all the pain
Dad who didn't love her
Family who didn't support her

Friends that seemed to leave her
And music stopped to heal her
Five boys, all different
Held her hand through the fight

She won many of the battles
Seemed to smile more
Then she realized what cause
She tried to fight for

That boy will never love her
Her name never on his lips
The cause is lost
Can't fight no more

Goodbye to my family
Goodbye to the pain
Goodbye to those five boys
That helped me without gain

If you had known
Would you have tried
To stop me as I fell
No longer satisfied
Living in her hell

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