Little Nicole

16 years old on the street

Has a baby girl

From being a freak in the sheets

Wasn't unprotected

But, the condom broke

2 weeks later it was positive

So she told her folk

Her mom was disappointed

But, her step-dad was not

It was him that put her in that perfect position

Told her,

You can never trust a soul in this world

Whispered in her ear, I hope you have my baby girl

Cause her momma couldnt have any more children

And she was dyin from the disease

And as the days past by she got weaker

But, as her days got shorter, her man still beat her


Now her daughter livin with a life inside her belly

Got nothing to do but sit around and watch the telly

Watchin her mom crawl back to this man 

Tellin her she'll never understand

"Cause if I don't, who gon pay for my medicine"


Everyday he come home, it's the same story

Got drunk

Now I gotta sit back and watch the blood and gory

Look at you momma, you don't need no more meds

He's beating you everyday, you might as well be dead

And you fail to realize he put me in his bed

And you was disappointed

But, it's cause of him that i shed

These tears on my pillow

They been there for some weeks

I just wanna leave and never come back 

And by leave, I mean this world

Them suicidal thoughts comin back

Thinkin bout when he laid me on my back

Brushed my hair back and smiled in my face

He had a smile on his face

And I tried to fight back 

But, I came home a waste

Ahh man,

I feel like all this is my fault

If only I woulda never took a sip of that alcohol

It's killin me inside

Feels like I've been shedding tears for years

Look at my momma everyday and gotta face my fears

Cause my momma gon be left alone

With this man that beat her in her own home

Is it selfish for me wanting to die

I contemplate is it worth it

Cause I don't like to cry

Wake up every mornin

Havin breakfast at the table

This is reality 

But, I wish it was a fable

And I wish I never listened to Biggie Smalls

Called up 9-1-1 

Told them my story on the phone call

After I was done I felt even worse

It's like there's no escaping this curse

When they arrest this man

Who gon pay the bills

And who gon pay for my mothers medical refills

I wish I could just get scooped in the hearse

It was a curse since birth

Little Nicole,

Will never have worth

Picked up the pistol

Stared at my mom's eyes

And I could see the crystal

The tears that she had in her dyin bed

I can't let her stare at me after I'm dead

Pull the trigger on her first

Fell on my knees

Bang Bang

We both got a disease

We both dyin together

You said you'll never leave me

Now we up in heaven together

A mother,

A daughter

A grand-daughter



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