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I sit in constant worry, wishing on a star. What I will I do that could change my life…forever? Will I make it that far? My mind is conflicted. Anxiety is consuming me.
Walking down the street Suddenly life changed I thought to myself “I gotta stop being so disengaged, It’s time to take control of my own life, Be the man I want and end my strife”  
Lying here on the bed sorting through offers from the world, I imagine what life will be in the future.
Look Look at her mouth At the thoughts that once filled that mind The after math of a death too early After all someone has to be the one to examine the bodies All I want I need 
Sick. Sick was what I always was.  What I felt. What I was labeled as. My indentity. So my body was sick? Sick wasn't my state of mind. My mind was never more alive. Alive with passion.
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