The Knife

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:16 -- cauttie


Can’t stand this feeling anymore

So much built up inside just eating away

Burning all the way to the core

Feel like my whole life is starting to fade

Fade into the darkness of my shadow

The shadow of my past.


Can’t break away from the things I’ve done

The things that are eating me up inside

Just waiting for someone to come and take the pain away

So sick of waiting and watching

Watching everything fade into the black.


Why must I be the nice guy

Why can’t I have my bad days

I’ve wasted all my time 

For just an empty bottle sitting on the nightstand

Now I’m stuck wearing this wristband

Trying to end it all just ruined everything in the end


I’m done trying just to end up dying

Kicking and screaming fighting to keep it all together

Losing everything to the darkness of my shadow

Can’t take it anymore I’m dead inside

Nothing left to save


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