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i want to write so much about you Ma,i just don't know where to begini don't want to wait till it's mother's day or women's day or even your birthdayso that i a acknowledge how much you mean to me,
I still remember the day clearly, for me he will always look lovely, especially when he was wearing his jersey.   He walked up to me and asked "would you like to have a date with  me?'
shining bright like a christmas tree, rising up like the morning sun and its golden lights beam. its a escape for most you see, its a hidden world of words redeeming me.
and it's not crazed irrational or spontaneous not momentary no midnight blur or vodka haze not morning-after regret guilt   it's not waiting by the phone
You shout hi, I wave.
My stature may be small as you can see, but my heart is much bigger than you and me.
  You & Me   Looking in the mirror, I see you, the me that use to be The memories of not wanting to be you
There is winter in a faraway land In a castle sitting on the plains Snow whips through the air Locking the earth in chains
The things we could do Just me and just you World spinning with sin Morals wearing thin But it's in my head Aloud never said Just a fantasy Of you and of me All kept a secret
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