it's worse when i look for you and see that you're not looking for me

i always wanted you to call me "princess",

   but i was too afraid to ask-

and now you call her "princess",

   and you don't call me back.

so dress her in your finest-

   make her pretty in pink,

doll her up and make her glow-

   it's easier than you'd think.

just look her in the eye,

   one hand behind her head,

and tell her you're so happy

   that it's not me instead.

tell her i was great and all, 

   but oh, thank God, i left,

for if i had kept your love

   how your heart would've grown bereft.

so take your princess in your arms,

   where i used to love to be,

and protect the heart within her now-

   yours that has been ripped out of me.

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