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The past is a strange thing,  The looks and feels that make you ring.  Some memories are forgotten, some blurred Some are sacred, and can almost be heard!  Sharp and contrast or dim and weak, 
Strength comes in many forms.    Resilience;  Getting swept away with the current  Trusting that smooth sailing is ahead.    Leadership;  Knowing when to step up 
Naive Trusting Ignorant   Pretending that the voice attacking me Was only the soft utters of a friend  
Child to Teen By: Joshua D. Sanders   From Child to Teen And everything in between Lay the lessons that he learned
When I was younger I was afraid of growing up I didn’t like the thought of Getting wrinkles, Sunspots, Grey Hair;
What is real? He stood trembling like a reed in the wind It felt so real, too real, was it real? It felt real It looked real It appeared real What is real?
Through reading people's poemsI can now seeHow others are differentAnd just like me I can now understandWhat people believeAnd with working with othersIt helps me achieve
I didn't always recognize the lessons poetry taught me. It was an assignment, a blasphemous and treacherous waste of time that could have been used doing anything else. I hated my poetry the most. It was verbose, deceptive, faux and shallow and I
i wrote a poem one day about how i felt  overwhelmed how the world was closing in  around me and the ground was hot against my  bleeding palms and knees and all i wanted to see was the sky.
Quiet and unsure, Shaking and scared   With a stutter so obscure The words wouldn't come out   They asked again,
Poetry is not just words put together. What I see is an experience Told with feeling and emotion. Through a window of words I learn of their struggle, their dreams, their life. To live is to learn. 
Dear Education,   You taught me to write in rhymed tercet And terza rima, by reading Dante’s Inferno A tale of a trail through Hell, quite dulcet.   But in the future, Dante’s story I will forego
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