Environmental Justice

Organizations like Sustain US and Solar One are working with young people to change the way we think about and treat the environment--and you can too! Watch Imani Sofia's video on the environment and check out these tips below to write a poem about environmental justice: 

  1. Your Surroundings. The poets in our community live in every corner of the world, so tell other Power Poets what YOUR environment looks. Write about what you do--or don't--see around you and how that impacts your life, family and community.
  2. Environmental Justice. Learn about environmental issues and solutions. Then create a poem! Some of these issues include: lead paint in homes and communities, renewable energies, urban gardening, green jobs and job training for youth, food justice, saving energy (in your dorm!), clean air, desertification, and more!
  3. Use Your Cellphone as a Notebook. Power Poetry was founded because Roland, our Executive Director, saw his students writing and storing poetry on their cellphones, and you can do the same. It definitely saves paper. 
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We all know these three words--so why not slam on them? Write a poem with a stanza dedicated to each word, an ode about why you care about the world, or a spoken word piece about environmental injustice.
  5. Power Poetry. Posting your poem to Power Poetry not only saves paper, but lets you share your work with other poets from across the globe. Below, Imani Sofia will tell you why she's passionate about environmental activism and share her poem with you. Get inspired to write and share your own poem.

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