I'm Okay

I'm okay even though my world is falling down,

Even if I've grown up in some forgotten town.

I'm okay even though my skin is full of spots,

Even if I'm way too big to think about cute tops.

I'm okay even though I've only been on one date,

Even if the fish in the sea won't look at my bait.

I'm okay even though I really don't have friends,

Even if I don't follow all new fashion trends.

I'm okay even when I'm alone,

Even if you never call or don't pick up your phone.

I'm okay even if it's me you're bashing,

I'm okay, but yeah. . . Thanks a lot for asking.

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Love the ending!


It could be better, but I think it gets the point across.


Me too. That's why I wrote it. But it's okay because we are okay and will always be able to push past those things that are beating us down.

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