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How do you eat an elephant? Ignore it. Push down all the hurt inside It will go away in a matter of time. Nobody will get it, nobody will care
Passed On Lost legends tremor in the graphite lake, Thunder deep rumble, resonance of quake; Perpetual waves grumble in refrain Dull detonation pulse across the plain. Sedate and synchronous in wrinkled line
There is an elephant in my room no lie He is hanging on the ceiling I just look em in the eye and start screaming Then he says be silent before i get violent How the fuck you think i feel you don't see me smiling
If I was an elephant i would be as happy as I could be I would be so happy I would even climb a tree   Other elephants would stop and look at me Saying “look at that silly ol’ elephant up in a tree”  
There's an Elephant in the room It's hard to move around, it's hard to leave alone. I try to move past it, but I cant It will always be there, taunting me, telling me, I'm not good enough.   
T’was not at once mine own love with her fell
There once was a homecoming game Whose affiliation I wish to declaim It made us all squirm for it starred a pachyderm. And my high school's rep became lame.  
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