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I learned to rhyme before I could tie my shoes.   Big A Little a What begins with A? Aunt Annie’s alligator A...a...A
If I was an elephant i would be as happy as I could be I would be so happy I would even climb a tree   Other elephants would stop and look at me Saying “look at that silly ol’ elephant up in a tree”  
Oh Dr. Seuss, hes such a king!
My tongue it twists, it curls, it bends it licks my lips, my throat defends. It also tastes, a noble job, though biting it will make him throb.
When I think about my skin The trouble it has got me in The things it said were good to do The things that it has put me through
  I was first introduced By a man named Dr. Seuss.   His rhymes helped me in the best of ways, Especially if it was one of my worst days.   A real inspiration, Gave me a good foundation.
I love when poems rhyme It reminds me of a better time I was young, the world was bright Playing house, telling moons goodnight But as I grew, the world grew too
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