If I Didn't Have You


United States
32° 39' 37.5264" N, 96° 45' 36.3816" W

I had no warning

When I first met you

My mind would be centered

Around something new


You seemed to approach me

As a different friend

Now closer than ever

I don't want it to end


You tell me about her

The way that she walks

Her effortless ease in

The way that she talks


She listens to hip hop

You're into old rock

I thought that her style was

What you used to mock


We've been with each other 

Through the good and the bad

Please don't let her ruin

The friendship we had


I need to stay by your side

I don't have a clue

About what I'd do if

I didn't have you


The distance is growing

I can feel it inside

Where is the real you?

I don't want him to hide


I'll try to recover

But I cannot depart

Because you still have hold of

My poor aching heart

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