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In an adverse reality I'm sure we could live in harmony. I'm sure an oasis will sprout With naked men & women Deer & birds roaming alike, Conjoined by the gayness within
Brought from Romania Shipped over from home And now I'm here, To help myself.   But to head back to family Would hurt the most. If I could ride the horse Through the tiny corridors 
I rode her back As a real man would. A stallion can feel their rider  Lift their feet and fall into their back.   I could feel her  bossom but only that as her Hoofs crashed against 
Minnisota and Milwaulkee Explain soda Water just pops in your mouth.   Bestfriends turn to enimies. Without doubt. You can predict my future  You can reign on sight
-Part One- The Fright   Tonight I am a wolf Howling at the moon   With any light souce availiable  In this enclosed sepulcher In which I could veil myself.  
There's a moth in my bed That came in through the window  Helanded on my flat foot The top to be exact He knew of his shape. Impressions of his shape of beauty Was implanted inside my head.
"I've seen her M'lord!" He said Her skin peeled and even throbed "I've seen it through her own veil in which she wore the night this bloody crime even happened." "Oh? So why not do anything about it?"
Just to get this out of the way I would be dead in any other country Because of the lies i spread. But please realize this; That the lies in america  Are too grandous in count
I used to sleep with Gum in my mouth It could actually kill Instead of keep you clean   But to clense myself I Was baptized Until I felt drowned.   Now I sleep with a toothpick
"So I Blew a Dandilion" "Where?" "Where the flowers of wishes grow." "Yet all that were there were insects working together" He said to himself. "Crawling to remove the sunflowers' saps
Do you believe the inanimate only become alive when others Command their attention? Or do they stay compositional, exploring the vastness of their  plastic beaned or cotton filled 
I Watched the moon around the house Yet I knew its eyes couldn't scrutinize so Why Watch?   I watched the sun around the room glide freely as the clouds that surfaced Before my face
My mother was a spiderBirthing six differentniggers onto a plantation,Farmed and raised by A home owner of two.  
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