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Once a star exploded, kicked a planet into space, eons untold it wandered with no sun to warm its face. In a winding mountain valley, in a bed of frozen stone, lay a Weary River,
It's silent but it's so alive.It's cold but it's real.It's dark yet it's beautiful.It's everything I feel.
I woke up a little bit afraid about crossing the darkness of that park, But when the fine arts building with lights appeared behind the trees, I could breathe easier.   We all have different reasons to be,
Somebody come,  somebody go. Somebody is rich, sombody is poor. The more you have known, the more you know you have unknown. The more you get, the more you owe. keep an eye on a loser and you will be a loser.
I done went up the mountain and uh i even back slid became a product of my environment I hopeless told God that I hope this life don't last forever why am I still here I know that there's something better than the chedder
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