I Don't Get It

We live in shadows all by ourselves

And sell our bodies on street corners


We smile to each other's faces and act like everything is okay

When it's obviously not


We feel okay to tease others

And say things about them cuz they're not around


Why does this happen

I don't understand

What joy do we get 

Out of all this chaos?

Is there something wrong in our lives

Or is there something wrong in theirs?

Just because they look different

Or don't shower

I'll be the first to admit

I've thought mean things

But why?

Why do we try to turn each other against others

Why do we do this 

What makes it right in our minds to lie

Why do we just automatically assume it's okay?

Is it because we think it's okay to lie?

Is it because we think that no one will ever find out?

Why do we do this time and time again, without a second thought

I really don't understand

If you bully someone...



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