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Science Biology, geology, chemistry, physics. Engineering,  mechanical, electrical, software. Art Photography, digital, studio. Myriads of topics I am ready to explore. 
5 A.M.                  The alarm clock goes off like a fire alarm waking me from my dream state.                 I stumble through the labyrinth                 gathering my stuff and getting dressed. 
A Droplet - A Concoction of BrineFlows from the Foreboding;A Hansel of DistressA Signal of Fear.Swivels and SwervesCreeping and CrawlingClink Clank against each StrandDripping from Down Under;
Their little girl’s grown And the years have progressed- I’ve been tested, questioned, and asked to express What I feel and how I should react And now it’s time for the second act-
Mommy and daddy raised me to be a butterfly
We slice our  lives down to 500 words, --Words which can't begin to describe us, Hoping for acceptance to write more words, --Words which will never be fully appreciated.   We freely offer our 500 words,
I've worked my whole life just to prove my worth. I've pushed myself, skipped parties to study. Now is the moment of truth. The moment where the next four years of my life will be spent.
You see a Face, A Statistic A Number Another name on a list.  But I am MORE      -A Person.
Dear Applicant, In no more than 250 words, please tell us what makes you brilliant, and don’t make the all too common mistake of sounding arrogant
Pre-college life kind of sucks Applying to scholarships, trying to get a thousand bucks ACT/SAT is never fun What if my ACT comes out as a 31? I mean, I need that 32 for money to Wheaton!
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